Tantrum Sausage Club

is an initiative to promote quality sausages free of preservatives, liquid smoke, lips or anus. Mmmm. Unlike most of the sausages in Norwegian stores, these sausages are un-cooked, and unsmoked yet full of juicy flavor.

What it is:
The sausage is medium to course ground Italian style, often with garlic, fennel, chilli etc. There is always a level of experimentation with the seasoning resulting in a unique recipe each batch. Suggestions are welcome (kind of). The sausages are fresh, ready to cook or freeze. They hold very well in the freezer, but as with anything use common sense.

What's in it:
The meat used to come from Grøstad Gris, but we are looking for another supplier of certified free-roaming antibiotic-free happy pigs. Update to follow. The rate of fat is around (and not more than) 25%. We keep the sodium content to a minimum, at around 1.2 - 1.5%. The intestines come from sheep and pig, supplied by ABCorneliussen. Generally, 1kg makes 2-3 dinners, approximately 10-12 sausages total.

How it works:
Tantrum Sausage Club is open to anyone who wishes to pre-order a kilo (or more) for kr 245,- a kilo. The club director makes sausages about every three week. Your order gives you membership until you have eaten what you orederd. In other words, no long term commitment, unless you wish to sign up for auto membership - to be discussed. As a member you can also join in the making of sausage and learn the trade yourself.

How you work:
You will have to pick up your order at the Tantrum club house at Bjerregaardsgate 29c (Galleri Storck). Pickup hours are indicated in the signup e-mail and again in a confirmation e-mail the day before pickup. At the pickup you get to meet other members, have a beverage and listen to some saucy muzak.