Each against all

Artistic interpretations of the concept "State of Nature" - according to Thomas Hobbs.
Installation on view at an abandoned car-sales store in Gamlebyen.
28th and 29th October 2017, St. Hallvards gate 33, 0192 Oslo, Norway.

Sounds for Ballanesque exhibition Oslo
Audio sample

Come to Crash
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Recordings with H. Inferno
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Lobby art

Engageing without offending. Quirky solutions at The Thief hotel, Oslo 2015 (photo from tifferent location).

Diorama / Molly Nilsson

Custom PA for Molly Nilsson's performance at Diorama, Oslo 2015.


Set design and sound production for Linked, a dance performance by Vebjørn Sundby and Guro N. Schia Oslo, 2015.


Freely on the concept The Moon, specifically on Earth-Moon-Earth communications. Installation at Aiurart, Bucharest, 2014. More pictures:


Another unreleased album, New York and Oslo 2013.


"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction". Sound installation at Galateca, Bucharest, Romania September 2013.


TB Solo album, New York 2011-2012


"A symphonic quarrel, turmnoil and rocus, chaos and upheaval". Installation set around the financial crisis 2008. At the Jam Handy, Detroit 2011.


Audio collaborations with David Mazzeo New York, 2011-2012


Time transformes into sound at this installation at DogA, Centre for Design and Architecture in Oslo 2010


Audio collaborations with Damon Hayhirst, Andreas Schmidt, Paul Camo and Charley Evil, London, 2008 - 2010

Timon Botez – BIO

(b. 1973) is a Norwegian-Romanian artist educated in London. He is currently based in Oslo after many years working in Boston, London and New York.

People's relationship to man-made environments is a recurring theme in Botez’s work. Having spent most of his life in urban settings, he is influenced by the erratic behaviour and incidental interactions that take place around him. Through pseudo-scientific research, Botez explores the underlying behavioural patterns detected in his surroundings.

He's work lies in the intersection of technology and mechanics. He is inspired by the Dadaists’ abstraction of language and letter forms and find parallels to the Futurists noise-oriented approach to making sound.

For the past ten years Botez has been working with sound and sculpture through conceptual compositions and orchestral installations. Like light, sound can be shaped and formed. Botez explores the space in front of a sound source by funneling and projecting the moving air as a way of sculpting audio waves.


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